Become A Member

The Conscious Companies Member Accreditation is a badge of honour.

Members become part of the conscious leadership ecosystem and its executives are invited to all of its programmes.

Council of Conscious Leadership:

It is a collective voice of a network of leaders who are committed to playing a proactive role to advance the cause of conscious, ethical leadership and map a way forward for business to shape current thinking, create behavioural change and influence policymakers.

Conscious Companies Dialogues and CEO Round Tables:

Is a national conversation to create a collective understanding of conscious leadership in action. The panel discussions and Round Tables of highly influential leaders hope to give rise to a stream of consciousness that will initiate an intense dialogue within the corporate and public sector space.

Conscious Leadership and Ethics Summit:

Garners some of the world’s most brilliant minds to share their leadership strategies, experiences and insights on consciousness, ethics, morality and transformation in business and society.

Become A Member – Information

Please send us your details for more information of how to Become A Member of Conscious Companies.