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The ethos of Conscious Companies is to ignite a socio-economic and political environment with an authentic expression of ethics and consciousness. Through various platforms and initiatives, Conscious Companies provides an opportunity for leadership to shape thinking, behaviour, purpose and responsibility. Through advocacy, the conversations on conscious leadership and actions of those in power serve to influence, guide and address societal imbalances, maintain transparency and understand the impact of conscious, ethical leadership on humanity.

“A Conscious Company is a beacon of conscious and ethical leadership where all of its stakeholders feel valued and served and its employees are driven to act in the best interests of the company.”

– Brenda Kali: CEO Conscious Companies

Meet our Founder

Brenda Kali

Brenda Kali’s Conscious Companies was a scribble on a page in the middle of the night after she emerged from meditation. It set her on a journey that would have an impact not only on her life but on countless other organisations in her quest to build conscious leadership capacity.

An advocate of conscious ethical leadership, she had over the years set into motion a stream of consciousness that is organically changing the landscape of how business is done and the ethos of leadership. Her twenty-five year tenure as an executive saw the reputational turnaround of major companies including Sasol and Telkom. During her tenure as Group Executive in the corporate space, she had observed the workings of a group of people, who come together in daily labour to a company in exchange for security and a paycheque. This inspired her to write “Beyond Corporate Sludge” insights to create balance and harmony in the workplace.

A former member of the Board of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SACCI), she currently serves on the Board of Primeserv and Project Literacy, a 45-year-old NGO. Ethics, social impact, strategic transformation and conscious awareness has always been the quality of her leadership that advocates a values-driven socio-economic system.

Conscious Companies


Virtual Presence of Global Humanitarian at the Conscious Leadership and Ethics Summit 2019

“As participants in the same global economy, we depend on each other and must address some of these issues that are relevant to make this world a better place for us all.” - Dalai Lama

Media Statement by the Council of Conscious Leaders: Covid-19

Ethical, conscious action by leaders to re-calibrate the social impact of business, who rally around and inspire their workforce to do things differently – will be the ones to emerge from all of this partially unscathed.

Bushidō - A page out of the life of the samurai - Brenda Kali

Brenda Kali, CEO of Conscious Companies and Founder of the Conscious Leadership Academy, discusses the Japanese ethical system and unwritten code called Bushido.

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Becoming a conscious company requires a level of coherent, thinking, action and conscious, ethical behaviour from an organisation’s leadership – as it dictates the definition, culture and ethos of a company.

Conscious Companies various platforms are designed to provide an opportunity for leaders to influence, lead and shape current thinking to activate an inner call of tolerance, care, compassion, trust and service in business and to initiate a call to address societal imbalances, maintain transparency, accountability and apply the guiding principles of justice, values, ethics and morality while maintaining productivity and profit.