A small introduction

About Us

“A Conscious Company is a beacon of conscious and ethical leadership where all of its stakeholders feel valued and served and its employees are driven to act in the best interests of the company.”

– Brenda Kali: CEO Conscious Companies

Let us introduce ourselves

About Conscious Companies™

Conscious Companies™ identifies organisations that align people, planet and profit in service of all stakeholders. It seeks to verify and celebrate South Africa’s conscious, visionary leaders who are committed to business as a force for good. Conscious Companies focuses on three aspects of intervention.

Conscious Companies™ membership encourages discussion, debate and strategic involvement with private sector, government and non-profit leadership, executives and media as we engage about the impact of consciousness on the evolution of business.

Conscious leaders shape Conscious Companies and the Conscious Companies Awards™ showcases South Africa’s conscious leaders who effect tremendous social impact and strive for value creation beyond the bottom line.

The Conscious Leadership Academy™ is develops and promotes intervention and growth of Consciousness for current and future business leaders of South Africa.

Meet our CEO

Brenda Kali

Brenda Kali is the CEO of Conscious Companies and the Founder of the Conscious Leadership Academy. She has been an advocate of conscious ethical leadership working on the reputational turnaround of various organisations. Brenda serves on several Board of Directors advising on ethics, social impact, strategic transformation and conscious awareness advocating a values-driven socio-economic system.