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Celebrating companies who are committed to operating with Consciousness.

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With a Vision to instill Consciousness into the fabric of business.

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Ethical, conscious action by leaders to re-calibrate the social impact of business, who rally around and inspire their workforce to do things differently – will be the ones to emerge from all of this partially unscathed.

Conscious Companies Awards 2020 Nominations

The call for nominations for the Conscious Companies Awards 2020 will be announced on 3 October 2019 at the Conscious Leadership and Ethics Summit 2019.

Conscious Leadership Summit

The Conscious Leadership and Ethics Summit 2019 is a platform to act as a catalyst for attitudinal change in terms of values, ethics, social co-operation and social integration in South Africa.

Feminine Energy Masterclass

Celebrating Woman's Month with a Conscious Leadership Academy Masterclass focused on enhancing feminine energy.

CFO South Africa Applauds Conscious Companies Awards 2019 Finalists

The Conscious Companies Awards 2019 finalists announcement featured on

What does it mean to become a Conscious Company? - Brenda Kali

Brenda Kali, CEO of Conscious Companies and Founder of the Conscious Leadership Academy, discusses the importance for companies to place humanity at its core instead of just focusing on profit.

Conscious Companies Awards 2018 Finalists Announced

The Conscious Companies Awards 2018 Finalist Announcement!

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Conscious Leadership Summit

October 2019

Featuring international and local speakers to address the Conscious that business in the world and how human beings can shift the course of humanity. From the impact of AI on human consciousness and vice versa; how the 4th Industrial Revolution impacts and is impacted by consciousness, economic and social discrepancies, the “dark continent takeover” a merge of global and local consciousness; and more…

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